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Vinyl Flooring – Is It For You?

Vinyl flooring is among the cheapest floor covering options found in most homes. The flooring can be done using vinyl tiles or solid vinyl sheets and either offers durable, easy to install and low-cost flooring like ones at FERMA flooring for people who are on a shoestring budget.

Image result for Vinyl FlooringThe flooring also provides versatility in designs and color that offer different possibilities. Nevertheless, they are available in different qualities and price will go up based on the quality level of the vinyl flooring and manufacture. But what are some of the most prominent characterizes of vinyl flooring?

• Composition – The flooring is made of a resilient plastic (polyvinyl chloride) composed of several layers. The bottom is the base then a fiberglass layer and topped off the design and finish. Thickness and strength of the substrate determine the durability of the vinyl flooring. The top layer (design and finish) is done with a protective coating to increase the materials resistance to wear and scratches.

• Aesthetic – The material comes in a bounty of color and designs that can mirror other types of flooring such as wooden and ceramic floors.

• Maintenance – Simple maintenance practices such as washing with a detergent and vacuuming suffice to maintain the aesthetics and tenure of the flooring.

• Application – Vinyl flooring can be done in any room even those that are wet such as bathrooms, which will need special installation measures such as the use of a waterproof adhesive.

Disadvantages of vinyl flooring

• While vinyl floor may be relatively durable if well maintained, they are not as long-lasting as some other floor options such as linoleum and tiles. And since they come in a range of type and designs, issues of quality will vary thus the need to check the quality of the flooring you plan to use.

• Again on the issue of quality, the finest types of vinyl are highly susceptible to various sustainability issues such as detachment or opening. As such, thick vinyl will work best for areas that endure high traffic.

• Regarding its application or installation, vinyl flooring is not complicated to install. However, the process will require adequate preparation and precision thus it is better to leave the work to a professional.

• Ring may shrink or expand.

• Using vinyl for home flooring remodeling may not offer significant returns if the renovations are geared towards increasing the value of the home.Issues of humidity and temperature changes may also affect the flooring and, in some cases, not properly installed laminate flooring may cause moist and a Termite & Pest Control Essex Fells, NJ | New Jersey Exterminator experts said may give way for termites to eat beneath them.

Do the pronounced characteristics that also point to the advantages of using vinyl flooring outweigh the disadvantages? That is a question that will require adequate planning and consideration of personal expectations to determine the favorable answer. Whichever the outcomes, vinyl floors will continue to be a standard feature in most homes.

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