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TABC Permits – What Do You Need To Know?

TABC permit training used to only be handled offline. While those types of classroom settings are still available across the state, they aren’t as accommodating as an online e-learning environment. And while Texas is certainly not lax about its liquor laws, the state does recognize that the restaurant and tourism industries are booming. While state officials don’t want to make selling alcohol difficult on restaurant owners, they want you to handle everything by the book.

Put simply, TABC permits can be a one day process. In fact, you can take the TABC and food handler course in a mere four hours. Granted, you want to soak up that information because Image result for getting your liquor licenseyou are indeed responsible for offering alcohol appropriately on your premises. DRAM shop laws and all alcohol laws are extremely important.

There are both dry and wet counties in Texas, and laws vary by jurisdiction. One example is the open container laws. BYOB laws vary by jurisdiction as well. And while you can take the course in about four hours, it should be noted that it takes anywhere from 45 days to 60 days to officially get TABC permits.

You will also want to know the fees involved, and it’s important to mention that the permit is going to be valid for two years. The processing of your permit is handled for you by the organization providing the training, and your permit will show up in the mail.

One organization says that after completing the training, your permit is processed and mailed in 10 days. That contradicts the statement mentioned previously about how it takes 45-60 days to get your liquor license. In case you are wondering, you do need a permit to promote any new liquor product that is hitting the market.

You want to be sure you choose a reputable place for getting your liquor license. Don’t just press the easy button. You want the process to be seamless, and you want to get your permit in place so that you can sell alcohol at your establishment.

While the permit process does take time, you can plan everything in advance to where you have that permit when your doors open. Or maybe you own an already established restaurant, and you’re wanting to start serving alcohol. Work towards getting that TABC permit. Once that permit is hanging on the wall, you’re good to go and just have to uphold the laws. Keep in mind that employees need to be trained as well.

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