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All You Need To Know About Highways Asset Management

‘Asset management’ is a term that the majority of people are familiar with and is often associated with property; however, there are various other types of assets that can fall into this area of management such as highways asset management. Highways asset management? What could that be? It is surely not something many individuals have heard of or considered; yet, it does exist and is part of our everyday lives. This article will provide information on highways asset management and help explain exactly what it is and why it exists.

What Is The Highway Asset Management Approach?

According to iconjds.com who is always working with highways asset management says the transport asset management approach is a governmental structured approach focusing on road maintenance in different localities within the country. The approach provides authorities within those localities with specific key performance requirements and duties for upkeep of the transport networks. In the case of highway asset management, the local authorities specific to highways within the area are provided with the necessary information to fulfill obligations for highway maintenance.

Why Use The Highway Asset Management Approach?

The highway and transport asset management approach is used because it helps bring attention to different transport issues within the specific areas. By bringing these issues to the authorities’ attention, the government is able to provide suitable support within an adequate amount of time with focus on assessment of the issue to ensure that the treatment is truly the most suitable one for long-term effectiveness.

What Is Involved In The Highway Asset Management Approach?

While highway asset management can provide support for individual issues, the overall duty for highway asset management is to examine the transport network as a complete whole. As is mentioned above, focus must be paid to the assessment of the issue to choose the most suitable treatment; and this is also the case when completing network campaigns. The primary procedure in developing network maintenance strategies involves assess the overall condition of the highway, establishing the requirements of the highway, and developing the most suitable and optimal strategy for use.

What Are The Different Types Of Highway Asset Management Approaches?

The primary objective of any highway asset management approach department within a local authority is to maintain the highway network; however, there are different types of approaches and this is based on their service level. The service level of the local authority refers to the standards at which the asset is managed according to legal requirements and key performance indicators.

The first service level type is the minimum or core type. This involves a reactive maintenance with safety inspections responding within 24 hours. The fair service level maintenance is a routine maintenance approach. The third is a good service level approach (the most general approach) which involves investment in structural maintenance and improvement in conditions. The final level is the most ideal option known as an excellent service level. This involves an elimination of issue backlog and highly proactive behavior.

Final Words On The Matter

As can be seen from the information above, the maintenance of roads is not merely done willy-nilly nor is it completely ignored by local authorities. Highway asset management helps detail how transport maintenance is identified and completed to assist in keeping the roads safe for drivers.

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