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How Mobile Column Lifts Make Lifting Easier

Mobile column lifts make lifting heavy duty vehicles such as pickup trucks, buses, motorhomes, RVs, passenger cars and coaches, a breeze. Essentially, mobile column lifts are a great pick for raising or lowering most medium to heavy duty vehicles with all kinds of axle lengths. They are also referred to with various names such as vehicle lifts, service lifts, and heavy duty lifts. The weight and size, type of hydraulic system and width determine the capabilities of a mobile column lift, as there are many unit types available in the market today. For instance, a Version U lift can be maneuvered to make repairs on vehicles as big as subway cars, with its universal carriage feature.

mobile column lift raising busThis type of lift was initially built to protect technicians in the garage environment, with an aim to satisfy lifting needs and modification demands for any work. Since 1971, the majority of lifts by SEFAC have been used in multiple environments. Some of the key advantages it boasts of are easy-to-reach access for close inspections of large vehicles, a sleek construction for convenient storage and the ability to operate at a fixed pace during raising or lowering. Now, there is always a more innovative range of mobile lifts to surpass the older models. For example, a few years back, wireless ball-screw mobile column lifts were introduced in the market, as being thirty percent lighter than hydraulic lifts. Some of its benefits were consistent loading rates and long-lasting protection from weather elements.

Space Saver

If you own a garage or auto shop and want to cut down on how much space is occupied by your lift equipment, then mobile column lifts are your ideal choice. They are a quick and easy solution that take up much less space compared to other machinery around the shop. It is important to note that having a portable option for hassle-free repairs is a big advantage if your business is expanding. Keeping mobile column lifts handy around the shop allows for easy storage and fewer renovations to increase space at the garage.

Also, if the mobile column lift works on battery, then there is less clutter due to no electrical cords. Depending on the unit, the columns of the lift can be stored separately when it is not being used. They can be moved and set up elsewhere based on when they are needed to complete a job assigned.


Mobile lifts are appropriate for a wide range of operations that need to be executed on vehicles of different capacities. Certain brands of lifts allow you to alter the number of columns in your lift for more power and stability to provide the best support for a vehicle. There are also models of the lift that allow for column movement in less than a minute as well as for slower and more controlled lowering. The forks of the lift are also easily altered to work with different wheels. Markets now have more options such as heavy duty vehicle lifts and forklift kits that give already existing features an upgrade.

Safety Measures

Safety and reliability matter most when using different equipment in an auto shop, and mobile column lifts can deliver with strong safety features. As long as there is well-informed service personnel, mobile column lifts are instrumental in reducing injuries such as burns and other accidents that may take place in the garage context. With hydraulic powered mobile lifts, columns last longer without any maintenance from wear and tear. They also have the feature of manual adjustment should there be a power cut on the premises.

Wireless mobile columns in particular, greatly reduce the danger of tripping, by eliminating the need for cables on site. They are also a definite plus because battery charge reduces the risk of having a vehicle stranded on the elevated column during a sudden power outage or electricity failures. Lastly, dependable mobile column lifts are certified based on type and performance, with a gold label.


Typically, mobile column lifts are created while prioritizing the operator of the machine. This is one of the key reasons why investing in one brings a host of benefits. Depending on how developed the model of the mobile column lift, there are exclusive features such as controls for individual columns, LED lighting capability and adjustable cables for column movement.

Wired and wireless mobile column lifts are utilized based on budget and the type of demands. Once columns are placed where required, they can be automatically adjusted by the operator leading to greater flexibility with tasks.

More customized options for the selective shopper are available as well. If you prefer sustainable technologies, there is the option of adopting a battery-powered mobile column lift which will reduce your carbon footprint without compromising on the performance delivered. Fully-automated column lifts are also available with advanced features such as a color touch screen that detail the procedures and runs diagnostics in a secure profile setup.

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