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Important Questions To Ask When Choosing A Family Law Practice

Cases involving family law often tend to be difficult and emotionally charged. Having a good lawyer by your side can make a world of difference in how successful you are with your case. That is why Holtz Law said you need to put a lot of time and effort into the process of choosing the right family law practice.

Knowing what questions to ask can help you better evaluate law firms so that you select the Image result for how to choose a family lawyerright one. Below are some of the top questions that you should bring up during your initial consultation:

Q: Do you only deal with family law cases?

As a general rule of thumb, it is best to go with a law firm that focuses solely on family law cases. Some law firms are more general in nature, handling a wide range of cases.

Although there is technically nothing wrong with this, you may get better results by working with a lawyer who specializes in cases like the one you are dealing with. Because they only work on family law cases, they are more likely to know the ins and outs of this particular area of the law, meaning that they can do a better job of helping you get a good outcome in your case.

Q: Are most of your cases settled out of court or do they go to trial?

With family law cases, it is often best to settle out of court. If you can reach a settlement with the other party, it may help minimize the emotional impact. This is especially true if children are involved.

In some cases, however, going to trial may be the only option. It is important to look for a law firm that not only has experience settling cases but that also has experience in the courtroom. That way, you can be sure that you have the best representation, regardless of the course that your case takes.

Q: How heavy is your current caseload?

If a law firm is too busy, they may not be able to give your case the attention that it deserves. Make sure that they have enough room in their schedule to take on another case. Otherwise, your case may wind up getting pushed to the back burner while they deal with other clients.

Q: What steps will you take to keep me updated about my case?

Find out how the law firm plans on keeping you informed about what is happening with your case. Discuss how often they will communicate with you and how you can reach them if you have questions. Make sure there are clearly defined channels of communication so that you can find out what is going on with your case at any given time.

Choosing the right family law practice is extremely important. Getting good legal representation can make a tremendous difference in how successful you are with your case.

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