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How To Survive When The Air Conditioning System Stops Working

Imagine this: the hottest day of the year rolls around, and you are working in a busy office with the phones ringing off the hook, deadline looming, supervisor screaming at you. The only thing Image result for How To Survive When The Air Conditioning System Stops Workingmaking the day slightly more unbearable is that the air conditioning system stopped functioning last night. Murphy’s Law, isn’t it?

The majority of us may have experienced incidences similar to the scene described above; arguably not facing a work situation like that, but possibly having to deal with an unpleasantly warm setting and no relief. A heating services Clinton based company said air conditioning systems are installed in commercial and residential settings to help maintain a cool, calm environment. What happens when they break? This article will provide information on how to survive when the AC has stopped working and before the maintenance team arrives.

1. Check The AC Is Broken

Before resigning yourself to the fact that the air conditioning system is “on the fritz”, it is essential you double-check whether or not the AC is broken. It is highly recommended that you first review the settings on the thermostat and, while this may seem obvious, check if the system is turned on. Of course, not turning a system on will not produce cool air; however, incorrect thermostat settings can also influence the functioning of an air conditioning system. This is, oddly enough, the most common reason why air conditioning systems stopped functioning.

If the thermostat is not the point of contention, it may be worthwhile examining the power supply and determining whether or not it is working. Power spikes can trip circuit breakers causing AC systems to stop operating. If the circuit breaker has tripped, it makes sense to turn it back on; however, if it continues tripping this may be a sign of a more serious problem and should be left alone.

2. Open The Windows

Image result for opening the windows when heater is not workingWhere possible, it is highly recommended one open windows to allow fresh air flow through the building. Due to a rising temperature, air flow would be beneficial and ensure people feel more comfortable. Unfortunately, not all office spaces have windows available, or the windows are not reachable.

3. Make Cool Drinks

It may be several hours before the AC is fixed; therefore, it is recommended that you make all the staff cold drinks. Undoubtedly, the staff will be appreciative, and it will make them more productive. In severe situations, cool drinks will be required continuously, and it would be helpful to take it in turns to make drinks until the maintenance crew arrives.

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