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Heavy Lift Cargo Transportation And Treatment

Have you ever seen heavy lift cargo get transported? Say, you have seen a helicopter plant a heavy-duty compressor on top of a tall building. The significant machinery used to lift and move it seems easy. Yet, to be heavy cargo, an item must weigh in excess of 100 tons. It also has to have wide dimensions of more than 100 meters in width and height.

The reasons the transportation and moving about of the item merely looks easy is because of the great deal of planning, preparation, and design by companies like the Heavy Lift Cargo Houston involved. The objects are not the same as anything else, or so rarely moved that there is no standard piece of equipment to provide the lift services automatically. There are companies that specialize in such operations and logistics.

Whether moving a heater that will eventually be on the roof of an 80-story building or a massive part for an oil rig, the lift has to be precise. If the heavy lift cargo crane does not operate correctly it could harm people, the heavy load it is carrying, or do damage other equipment that is in its way.

Specialized Vehicles
There exist a special set of trucks, trailers, and aircraft poised to haul large loads. Think barges, or anything that is wide and flat and can hold a heavy load.

When transporting parts of oil rigs, a heavy lift helicopter may be necessary instead of a barge because of ocean currents, clearance, and other factors. The helicopter allows for precision placement.

One of the challenges to using a helicopter is that it is limited by the weight of the object it is carrying and the amount of fuel required. The fuel usage can be significantly impacted by how heavy the object is. That means the tonnage may impact how far, mileage wise, that the heavy object can be transported.

This is where logistics professionals may have to get creative, or seek alternative methods to get the parts for an oil rig from point A to point B. The other point to consider is if there is a new replacement part, then there is likely to also be a now-defunct piece that needs to be transported away. It will involve coordinating another plane to pick it up, and somehow devising a way to have sufficient fuel for the whole trip, if possible.

It is fascinating to see how heavy lift cargo problems are solved. Yet, it is done every day.

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