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Four Amazing Outdoor Pergola Designs To Consider For Your Space

Pergolas are not only attractive but they also help create the feeling of an outdoor room, transforming your yard or patio into a space that can be used for everything from relaxing to entertaining. There are a lot of different styles of pergolas out there. Some are small and simple while others are much larger and more elaborate. Here are four amazing outdoor pergola designs that you may want to use as inspiration for your space:

1. Build a pergola swing. Traditionally, pergolas are used over decks, patios, and other seating Image result for Outdoor Pergola Designsareas. If you want to do something a little bit different, you may want to try building a pergola with an attached swing. You can go with a traditional porch swing or you could choose something more elaborate like a bed swing. These designs work particularly well next to pools or on patios since they provide the ideal place for relaxing in the shade.

2. Add a pergola over your deck. If you already have an existing deck, building a pergola over the top of it is a great way to make the space feel more intimate. Unlike a roof, pergolas still allow light to enter the space, which can keep your deck from feeling too closed in. At the same time, however, they do provide a little bit of shade, which can help keep your deck from getting too hot.

3. Build a pergola with built-in seating. For something a little bit different, you may want to build a pergola that has benches built into the sides all around the base. Essentially, one side of the pergola is open. On the other three sides, the posts of the pergola are connected to one another by long benches. This creates a comfortable seating area where people can gather together to share laughter and conversation. Best of all, if you go this route, you don’t need to spend extra on patio furniture.

4. Design a pergola with planter boxes. With this option, you can either put large wooden planter boxes at the base of each pole or you can build boxes that span the entire distance between each pole. This option allows you to surround yourself with beautiful plants and flowers that you can enjoy while sitting under your pergola.

Compared to standard pergolas, these outdoor pergola designs are a little bit unique, making them a great option for customizing your space.

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