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Disability Lawyer

Lawyers are people who have studied law and are charged with the responsibility of either enforcing or representing third parties that are part of the legal process. For this particular case, an ERISA attorney Torrance based said a disability lawyer is one that has specialized in handling claims that are made by the disabled people and other cases that involve the people with disabilities.

There are no exact certifications that are associated with a ‘disability lawyer’ but this title comes Image result for disability claim legal proceedingsin the field of practice where the lawyer has major focus on the disability cases over time. This differentiation is also seen with lawyers in other fields like divorce, criminal law, franchise law and general law. In addition to the common law that the lawyers study, those who want to practice disability law are responsible for understanding the programs available for the disabled people in the society and also clauses that are favorable to these people. Different states have different definitions of what they term as a disabled person and hence these lawyers have some responsibility in getting to understand all these. The disabled people and the disability laws are all covered in the social acts of most states. There are a number of reasons why a disability lawyer is important:

Appeal process

Most of the social security laws have extra clauses that offer a number of exceptions to persons with disability. These lawyers have been able to master these exceptions and also the provisions of the programs available for the disabled people and therefore it is important to hire a disability lawyer to help in any claiming or appealing process made by a disabled person.

Following up

Legal proceedings could be so cumbersome sometimes. They can sometime be so lengthy to the extent of prompting a person to give up the entire process. This is where the lawyers come in. Since this is their profession, there is no room for giving up at any point. This is an advantage as they would follow up on the process on behalf of the disabled person therefore saving them time and stressful periods.


For certain states, the laws that are defined for disabled people require that some cases of disability require legal representation for any appeals or claims for any program provisions. This is mostly the case for people with mental challenges. This is the case because the presence of the disability lawyer really streamlines the entire legal process.
It is important to consider a disability lawyer when making any claims regarding the disabled people.

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