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A Happy Cabinet Refacing Story

You have finally come to your wits end. The kitchen will have to go because you are tired of working in such a poorly designed space. Also, the cabinets are old and grungy looking and no matter what you do to keep them looking decent, they simply look disgusting. It is time to do a kitchen renovation with new appliances, flooring, and cabinets. The only problem that you have is that your husband says that the family budget cannot afford it.

Image result for cost of cabinet refacingThis may seem like a very sad story but it does have a happy ending said one of the top rated cabinet refacing companies nj based. Not giving up, the wife continued to search for ways to update and revamp the kitchen. However, the husband was correct because to do a complete kitchen renovation was way beyond their means. After exhausting various ways to get the money, she was about to give up on her dream kitchen.

Fortunately, one of her oldest and dearest friends had a viable solution. Her friend told her that she had gone through the very same thing but was able to achieve a new kitchen look. How did she do it? She hired a company that could do a cabinet re-facing job plus throw in a few extra goodies. The few extra goodies turned out to be roll out drawers, undercabinet lighting, full extension drawer hardware, stained glass upper doors, a lazy susan, and much, much more.

Once the housewife received the contact information of the refacing company she immediately gave them a call. They sent out a friendly representative who explained all of the things that they could do to turn her nightmare kitchen into a beautiful dream kitchen. The representative said that he would call tomorrow morning with a quotation.

The next day, the wife was filled with anticipation as she waited for the call. When the representative did call her, as he promised in the morning, she was beside herself with joy because the price was unbelievably low in relation to doing a complete kitchen cabinet renovation. She knew that her husband would give his approval to do this long-awaited task.

The bottom line and moral of this story is that if you are considering a kitchen renovation then you should think about having your kitchen cabinets re-faced. The cost difference from doing a complete kitchen renovation will amaze you. Also, if you are trying to find a good cabinet refacing company then you should ask around. Your friends, family members, and workmates will probably know of a reputable company to do the job.

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