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5 Things To Look For In Your Automatic Lawn Sprinkler Long Island Provider

If you own a home on Long Island, then you live in a truly special space. This island running from New York City out to sea is a beautiful place that combines natural beauty with access to the entertainment, culture, and opportunities of the Big Apple. You also get to live close to some magnificent beaches.

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If you’re fortunate enough to also own a home here, then you probably have a yard surrounding it. Keeping the grass lush and green is a lot easier to do when you have an automatic lawn sprinkler Long Island provider install a system for you. Keep reading to learn 5 things to look for in them:

1) Great feedback and ratings from previous clients: You never want to be the first yard that an automatic lawn sprinkler Long Island provider installs their work in. They might do a fabulous job, but you want to only trust your property and plants to someone that has a proven record of delivering great results to previous customers. Check online for this.

2) They have before and after photos: Any business that does this kind of work is going to have collections of before and after photos documenting their work. You’re going to be looking for two things. First, they did not destroy a yard while installing automatic sprinklers, as it should look just as good as it did before their work. Second, the grass should look better over time as a result of having automated moisture delivered to it regularly.

3) They know how to drop your water bill: One of the advantages of an automatic sprinkler system is giving the grass and plants enough water, but not too much. Avoiding over watering prevents waste, and that means you have one lower utility bill to deal with each month.

4) They know local building codes and water ordinances: No matter how long you have lived in your home, you might not know all the building codes in your municipality, much less the water restrictions. Your sprinkler suppliers should, so they can keep you in code.

5) They can determine and change water levels based on your plants: Not every yard has the same species of grass, and other plants need watering too. Hopefully, your sprinkler installers will have a way of determining exactly how much water should be sprayed when, based on what vegetation you have and possibly even how much it has already rained.

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